Seminar on safe milk held at BAU

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Asikur Rahman, BAU

Every food or feedstuffs contain more or less bacteria, heavy metals and antibiotics. But they have a tolerable level. If the amount of bacteria, heavy metals and antibiotics exceeds the tolerable levels, then the food or feedstuffs will be toxic or health hazardous. If the amount within the tolerable level, then it will not be toxic or harmful. -said Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Lutful Hassan at a seminar as chief guest.

A seminar titled ‘Safe milk for healthy nation: Current situation and steps in protecting dairy sector’ held at Syed Nazrul Islam Conference Room of BAU on Monday morning. Department of Dairy Science of Animal Husbandry faculty organized the seminar.

On the seminar, Pro-VC Prof Dr Md Jasimuddin Khan addressed as special guest while Animal Husbandry faculty dean Prof Dr Nurul Islam was keynote speaker. Dairy Science department head Prof Dr Md Harun-ur-Rashid presided over the program.

In keynote speaker speech, Prof Dr Md Nurul Islam said, like other food, milk is not completely free from bacteria, heavy metals and antibiotics. They have a tolerable level. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the tolerable level of Lead is 0.01ppm, Cadmium is 0.003ppm, Mercury is 0.001ppm and Arsenic level is 0.01ppm while according to Indian Standards the tolerable level of Lead is 0.05 t0 1.13ppm, Cadmium is 0.001 to 0.009ppm, Mercury 0.001 to 0.015ppm and Arsenic level is 0.001ppm. If milk contain more than that tolerable level then it may toxic or harmful for health.

Most of the pathogenic bacteria destroys during pasteurization. Milk antibiotic contamination occurs due to antibiotic infusion in Mastitis, over doses of antibiotic use, not maintain withdrawal period, use of antibiotics in feed additives. If we prevent this source of antibiotic contamination then it is possible to produce antibiotic free or less contaminated milk.

He also said that, we have already formed a task force to examine milk and dairy products of our country. After examine the milk and dairy products, findings results as well as recommendation will be provided among the people of our country.


Asikur Rahman

BAU Correspondent

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